The In-Africa Stay awarded a space in the airport departure section, to fix a gemstone shop of about 9 square meters. The Company did research which at the end showed that the departure section of the airport is very marketable to gemstones. Tourists who are departing always tend to buy gemstones as the present on their way back.  On top of that, in the departing section, gemstones exportation is much easier and safe as compared to buying gemstones in other shops found in the country. with these two conditions, most of the departing people prefer to buy gemstones in the airport as compared to other places in the country.

Currently, the space is available, the gemstones to sell are available as the company itself has got a good connection to the sources of Gemstones.

As the company has fought well to make all these data and the resources available, such as processing applications to the government to be awarded this space, looking for the gemstones and so forth,  now the company is looking for the genuine partnership to develop the site to start a business.